Saturday, 8 October 2016

Siakap Senohong

Siakap Senohong Gelama Ikan Duri
Cakap Bohong Lama-lama Jadi Pencuri

My Abah once said this to me while I'm 10 years old. It just like "melekat" in my head till now and it will last forever i think. My auntie's cincin lost and i saw it before on top of my almari baju. I dont have any intention to tipu that i saw that cincin... i just want to tell her that i saw it just now and maybe she can find the cincin beyond the almari. hahaha sound like.. wow!! dari kecik atie suka menyiasat! Abah seem like tak puas hati with my answer.. because you all know la kids.. like to play hide and seek! Abah give me a stare and my leg start shacking. Slowly he said to me... "Siakap Senohong Gelama Ikan Duri, Cakap Bohong, Lama-lama jadi pencuri" and... i cry... cry and cry.... Yup.. i love to cry... dari kecik suka menangis and Mak used to call me "KEMEMEY" i hate that word! Really hate that! hahahaha.

My Auntie suddenly shout my name from my room. "Dah jumpa!!!!!!" and she dance like a queen. Phewwww jumpa jugak, she found the cincin in her clothes bag and she told Abah maybe the cincin jatuh from the almari to her clothes bag. Abah ask me to come closer and said slowly... "Abah bukan marah.. Abah nak ajar awak yang kita tak boleh menipu.. kita kena jujur. Nanti kalau dah biasa menipu, kita akan hilang kepercayaan orang kat kita." and i cry.... hahahahaha there you are! nangis lagi! Abah is a firm person. He never cuddle his kids to show his love, but he love to jesting with them. Abah is a policeman. Police=garang is synonym. Why am i cry? because i feel that Abah try to tell me that i hide the cincin! lol. But it was a lesson to me. Till now i still remember the colour of the almari. Almari berek polis dulu-dulu. I still can tasted my tears. Salty of course! lol

Now I am getting old, my hands is full of 5 kids. Alhamdullilah. Amanah Allah and i promise to myself to raise them like Abah raise me. Yes, he is my idol and my true man. I don't like my kids lie to me. I don't like someone that i love lie to me. Now i know Abah's feeling when his kid lie to him. Its break our heart, isn't? and of course it even worst if someone that you love, trust, lied to you. Its really hurt.. TT

Why you need to lie? to get an attention? Once you're caught, you will never get others trust anymore unless you lie to your wife, lie to your parent. They will always there for you, to show you unconditional love, to teach you to do the right thing. To give you a chance. Again and again.

The question is, "sampai bila" you want to lie? You dont have money in front of your kids, you dont have anything to eat in front of your parents, you dont even have a job in front of your family but you can enjoy hard rock cafe on your 35th birthday, you can fly to Bali to get your highlife. Is that all that you want? 

You said, "Abah susah hati sangat. banyak sangat salah abah dalam dunia ni" yup. You know that! You keep repeat the same mistake, again and again.

Abah-abah out there, don't let your son hate you with all your sadness story because they know that you're lie to them. You are great man to them, you are an idol to them but you lying to them. Guys, its hurt! Don't let them shame to call you "Abah"

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Nurlee Azizah Ahmad said...

Indeed once you lie forever u will stay there .